Stuti Adhikari

Theory of Knowledge

  • Theory of Knowledge – IB

    13th Sep 2019 by

    Critical reflections on diverse ways of knowing and on areas of knowledge. by Stuti Adhikari “No thief, however skilful, can rob one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire.” ― L. Frank Baum, The Lost Princess of Oz

  • The Arts

    22nd Jun 2020 by

    Art captures a diverse spectrum of dexterities and expressions of inner contemplations through tangible displays that almost, flawlessly, unveil these personal impressions to the senses of the world – an example of the transition of one’s personal knowledge to abundant shared knowledge. Truthfully speaking, lockdown has made things seem like an endless sea of pain.… Read more

  • History

    7th May 2020 by

    ‘Historical study is not the study of the past but the study of present traces of the past.’ Sir Geoffrey Rudolph Elton FBA History is an area of knowledge that studies the recorded past. The etymology of the term fact derives from Latin factum and currently holds the sense (‘truth, reality’). The vast scope of History,… Read more

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